It is our aspiration to indulge in a conversation with others - Sindhis and non-Sindhis - about Sindh as a living, breathing, vibrant, vigorous, multi-dimensional, complex society. This is in direct retaliation to the dominant discourse on Sindh that tends to be about various versions of ‘Sindh - the cardboard cut-out’.

Sindhiyat is a non-religious, a-political platform.  

If you are interested in contributing to Sindhiyat please email info@sindhiyat.org with your gmail ID to get setup.

Contributing Bloggers:

Abdulrahman Rafiq  (Founder, Editor-in-Chief)
Abdulrahman, or AR is a Technology professional in Silicon Valley with close eye on the effect new technologies have on how individuals and organizations work and communicate.  He has a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Physics from the University of CaliforniaSanta Barbara, and Riverside respectively. 

For over 6 years he's been supporting the Catalyst 6500 Hardware Development team,  a 4 Billion dollar revenue generating product at Cisco. AR, is the Vice President at the Organization for Pakistani Entrepreneurs and Professions (OPEN) in Silicon Valley, and Managing Partner at Inspurate LLC, a technology and investment partner. AR frequently tweets at arrafiq.

Aruna Hussain
Aruna is the CEO of a Denmark-based logistics company operating in Pakistan and Afghanistan. She has traveled extensively around the world and her interests include books, art, theatre, outdoor activities and ofcourse, blogging.
Rabayl Manzoor Memon
Rabayl is a Development Economist at Sindh Rural Support Program , a feminist, an aspiring academic and an anti-war activist spouting slingshot bravado. In addition to blogging on Sindhiyat, Rabayl tweets and blog at http://obamasaysdomore.wordpress.com/.

Dr. Ghazala Rahman Rafiq
Ghazala is an educationist, social reformer and writer from Karachi, Sindh and Santa Barbara, California. Currently in residence at the University of California, Santa Barbara - School of Education. She is also the founding member of the Women's Action Forum in Pakistan.

Faraz Shah
Faraz is a Technology professional in Silicon Valley, a photographer, and  a fun loving, easy going, optimistic simpleton who loves to learn languages, cultures and science. He can can be reached at: imfaraz-at-gmail-dot-com or you may visit him on his photography blog

*If you're interested in blogging on Sindhiyat, please send us an email to info@sindhiyat.org.