Sunday, October 25, 2009

RIP Sohrab Faqeer - Expired: October, 23rd, 2009, Karachi

Sohrab Faqeer, the great Sufi singer of Sindh, Pakistan at 73 left hundreds and thousands of listeners morning on Friday, October, 23rd, 2009. We at Sindhiyat extend our heartfelt condolence to his family and friends.

His full name was Sohrab Fakir Khaskhely. He was born in 1934 in Khairpur. His father was tHamal Fakir, who was the disciple of Kush Khair Muhammad Fakir.

Sohrab Fakir is recognized as the greatest living Sindhi folk singer in his style of music, playing the yaktaro (single stringed instrument) and chappar (wooden clappers)

In a condolence statement, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah paid tribute to the deceased with respect for his traditional Sufi songs and said
It is difficult to fill the gap created by his death...Sohrab Faqeer would be remembered for his unique command over the Sufi genre of singing.
Marvi Memon, Member of Pakistan's National Assembly in her condolence tweet said:
Sohrab faqeer of sindh was one such treasure who was not taken care of n whom we lost. We mourn his death
From Peshawar, the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan Shihab Taqi Halepota in response to Marvi's tweet states:
Sindh, #Pakistan lost an other Sohrab Faqeer, a saint, sage and sufi singer. We value them once they depart. We are never in or on time.
Continue reading full article at THE NEWS.

Listen to Saiin Sohrab Faqeer on YouTube.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kalam Buleh Shah ... Sufi Poetry of Buleh Shah sung by Abida Parveen

Baba Buleh Shah was a prominent 17th Century Punjabi Muslim Sufi poet who lived around the same time as the eminent Muslim Sufi poet saint from Sindh, Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai.

Following is a piece of Buleh Shah sung by Adi Abida Parveen. A promiment Muslim Sufi singer from Sindh.

Follow along ...
Safa Vere Aya Kar

The God that you find while
searching in the jungle ...
Is found by fowl and fish and beast

Bulleh Shah, only they find the True God
Who are good and pure at heart!

You have learnt so much by reading a thousand books ...
Have you ever read what's inside you?
You go sit in a Mosque and Temple.

You go sit in a Mosque and Temple
Have you ever visited your own soul?

You are so busy fighting Satan
Have you ever fought your own evil intentions?

You have reached the sky
But have failed to reach what's in your heart!

Come to my abode, My Friend
Morning, noon, and night!

Destroy the Mosque ...
Destroy the Temple ...
Do as you please ...

Do not break the human heart.
For God dwell's therein!

I search for you in the jungle and wilderness
I have searched for and wide ...

Do not torment me my love,
Morning, noon, and night!

Come to my abode, My Love
Morning, noon, and night!

Come to my abode,
My Guide, My Friend
Morning, noon, and night!