Friday, August 29, 2008

Gorakh Hills

I read with mixed feelings the front page news in Dawn on Gorakh Hills - Sassui Palijo has finally succeeded in reviving the Gorakh Hill development project and the Assembly has passed the Development Bill for the hill station.

Gorakh Hills is the highest point (about 6000 feet) of the Kirthar mountain range in Sindh, not very far from Dadu and along the border with Balochistan. The place gives some very breathtaking views of Sindh and Balochistan and climate-wise is very pleasant, with maximum temperature reaching 25C in summer time.

This location was identified in 1860 for conversion into a hill resort similar to Ziarat and Muree however despite a few attempts during the last few decades no development work has carried out.

Sindh has huge potential for tourism development, with a large number of historical sites and locations that need urgent attention and care, as well as places like Gorakh hills which have the potential to be developed into pleasant retreats. Let's hope this project gets the attention it deserves - but at the same time let's also hope that the project does not end up getting hijacked by the ever-hungry land mafia, as seems to be the case with Chaukhandi tombs detailed in the post below.

Note: ATP carried a very good article on Gorakh Hills (click here) along with more photos. The photo here is also courtesy ATP site.