Saturday, July 5, 2008

SANA. 24th Convention: July 5th -Continued...

Currently blogging live from conference floor. July 5, 2008, Dallas, Texas:

In my previous post I failed to mention Ahsan Iqbal, MNA Government of Pakistan (PML-N) as

Ahsan Iqbal spoke immediately following Justice Bhagwan Das' keynote, video to be posted shortly.

Ahsan Iqbal spoke candidly. He affirmed his party, the PML-Ns commitment to the coalition government. He also said that, if PML-N had the votes in the National Assembly it would have moved towards impeachment of President Musharraf. However he went on to stress the need for the coalitions cooperation, citing numerous conversations Sharif has had with Zardari.

Assemblyman Iqbal after asked about the National Language bill, said if presented to the house they'll most definitely move to approve it. The assembly requires a 2/3 majority to pass the bill.

Also, Ahsan Iqbal was asked about his opinion regarding the Kalabagh dam. Upon the audiences insistence, he said "if Sindh doesn't want Kalabagh dam, then we won't build it." This response got a standing ovation.

Ahsan sahib also commented about the PPP meetings with MQM. He said that PML-N signed the same resolution as other parties that there will be no dealings with MQM until the May 12th issues are resolved.

Click for Video of Ahsan Iqbal's Q&A Session

Click for Justice Rana Bhagwandas' Q&A Session

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