Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sindh Wildlife

About a month ago an uncle of mine who works in the Sindh Wildlife department visited me in office. We started talking about Wildlife reserves and I told him about my interest in getting involved in WWF initiatives in Sindh but that I could not find any good website that would guide me in this direction. He told me to log on to http://www.sindhwildlife.com.pk. I typed the web address on my computer right there and the page that flashed before me said, 'Site suspended due to non-payment of bills'. Chacha was obviously embarrassed, but called me up a few days ago to say the outstandings have been settled and the site is now functional.

It is mainly a limited resource site providing information on the organization and history of the department, the main animals found in Sindh, info on protected reserves (the photographs don't seem to load) and some external links. Interestingly the Public Awareness section devotes most space to information on game hunting rules, permits and fees, when what I really wanted to find was how common people can assist in protecting our diminishing indigenous animal species in the province.

Another interesting thing to note is in the Animals section the population estimates given are from the year 1999 or 2001, meaning that since the last 7 years no estimates have been prepared (or published), especially for the endangered species like the Indus Dolphin or Marine Turtle.

The site is a good initiative by the Sindh Wildlife department, but a lot more can be added especially with respect to ongoing activities by the department, providing downloadable material and providing suggestions on how the public can assist and contribute in this very important arena.

If anyone is aware of more sites that have info on how to help/contribute, please do share.


Aruna Hussain said...

Going through the various links, have also found http://www.sindh.iucnp.org/ which encompasses flora/fauna and environment conservation and has some good information.

Iqbal said...

Well the bill may have been paid but site still has problems Such is the case with things in our homeland.
Perhaps the power shortage is taxing them as well
Ekbal Qidwai